Jared Lee Gosselin

“24K” – The West Coast Bouncers Featuring MC S.A.V. , Zak Downtown, Crichy Crich and Demrick (Official Video)

Directed By: Tyler White

Produced By: The WestCoast Bouncers (Jared Lee Gosselin, Serafin) and Jason T. Miller

Written By: Jared Lee Gosselin, Jason T. Miller, MC SAV, Zak Downtown, Crichy Crich and Demrick

Label: Bombs and Babies/The West Coast Bouncers 2015

Available on iTunes Now! 24K Feat. MC SAV, Zak Downtown, Circhy Crich and Demrick

24K, Jared Lee Gosselin, The West Coast Bouncers

24K, Jared Lee Gosselin, The West Coast Bouncers

Cop the new single by The West Coast Bouncers feat. MC Sav, Zak Downtown, Crichy Crich and Demrick on iTunes!


“24k,” the new video from the West Coast Bouncers feat. MC SAV, Zak Downtown, Crichy Crich and DEMRICK. Animated and directed by Tyler White, who has previously worked with Second City and Steppenwolf as well as on various TV ads, the video features an intricate story about the crazy lengths some people go through to make it into a club — only to find the party isn’t quite what they were expecting.

While the track itself is solid, the backstory is almost more interesting. Seattle rapper MC S.A.V. was just another talented kid with a hard luck story — raised in poverty, high school dropout, rapping at the Boys and Girls club — when he started posting his music online to try to make connections outside the Pacific Northwest. When he put some tracks on Muzooka, he wasn’t expecting much; but when Jared Gosselin heard his music, he knew that he’d stumbled on something special. Gosselin, a Grammy-winning producer who has worked with Macy Gray, D12, India Arie, Too Short and Clyde Carson, reached out to S.A.V., and before he knew it, he was working on some tracks — and gearing up to play for thousands of people at the Downtown Summerland festival in Vegas.

The track and the festival are only the beginning for S.A.V.’s collaboration with Gosselin and his production team, West Coast Bouncers. They are also working with actress and musician Taryn Manning and planning to include S.A.V. on those tracks; a potential collaboration with Chanel West Coast is also in the works.

This partnership is the first of many Muzooka, a music discovery and collaboration platform, hopes to facilitate. The Calgary-based startup works to connect emerging artists with producers who can help take them to the next level — and this collaboration is a great example of what can be done.

west coast bouncers-west coast bounce single (ass)

“The West Coast Bounce” Feat. Fat Man Scoop and Blake Lewis

Today our first single “The West Coast Bounce” was made available on DJ City as a pre release for the DJ’s. The official release is Sept 2nd 2014. You can hear a preview of the song below via sound cloud! Enjoy


Westcoast Bouncers  (wɛ́st-kòst báwnsərz ) a multi-talented duo of Jared Lee Gosselin & DJ Serafin featuring guest vocalists. Individually these two have conquered modern music. From underground dance to classic rock, these two super DJ/Producers have energized every note and beat possible. But together they form one of the newest and most watched production teams of today; “The West Coast Bouncers” will soon be a name to surpass the countless number of  awarded songs and remixes the duo has individually accomplished.