“The West Coast Bounce” Feat. Fat Man Scoop and Blake Lewis

west coast bouncers-west coast bounce single (ass)

Today our first single “The West Coast Bounce” was made available on DJ City as a pre release for the DJ’s. The official release is Sept 2nd 2014. You can hear a preview of the song below via sound cloud! Enjoy


Westcoast Bouncers  (wɛ́st-kòst báwnsərz ) a multi-talented duo of Jared Lee Gosselin & DJ Serafin featuring guest vocalists. Individually these two have conquered modern music. From underground dance to classic rock, these two super DJ/Producers have energized every note and beat possible. But together they form one of the newest and most watched production teams of today; “The West Coast Bouncers” will soon be a name to surpass the countless number of  awarded songs and remixes the duo has individually accomplished.

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